The design of my wine cellars is a very close second in importance only to the safety of the wine and, as you will see, very unique in comparison to virtually all other designers of wine cellars in the country. My education is from the Art Institute of Chicago and my background is in sculpture and 3D design. Over the years my studies and discipline have come from a movement in sculpture termed Constructivism. Simply put, Constructivism is a geometric interpretation of personality. How perfect when you consider that a wine cellar is totally made up of hundreds, or even thousands of squares and rectangles. My intention behind each design is to create a space that is peacefully inviting and calm. The wine is resting, aging in an atmosphere - undisturbed. I believe that the peacefulness of the space can effect the aging process. I also feel strongly that your wine collection is an expression of who you are. It says a great deal about what is important in your life and should be displayed in such a way that allows you to be proud of that collection. When I'm designing a cellar I'm considering not only the structure, but pattern, color, texture, line weight, contrast, visual balance, materials and material usage - basically any factor that will affect the completed space. Very seldom will the finished room mimic the original room in which it is constructed. Often times it is virtually impossible to identify the original shape of the room. As you look through my gallery you will see an extensive use of curves. They invite you in and lead you through the space. It's not just straight racks. Each cellar is unique and custom and becomes a piece of functional sculpture. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding your wine room.