To Whom It May Concern,

I first met Doc Watters through one of my regular bar customers. Upon hearing that I was going to build a new wine cellar, he came in out of the blue and insisted to build the wine cellar here at 1515 Restaurant. I didn’t even know Doc and have had nightmares dealing with previous contractors. I questioned this enthusiastic stranger. He offered to draw a floor plan. Another bid was fine with me. Doc came up with one of the most unique and beautiful floor plans with my limited space. I didn’t want the straight line, canned cellar that you can purchase through wholesale houses. The drawing was exactly what I had envisioned. Doc convinced me to make a down payment and promised to finish the wine cellar before Valentine’s Day three years ago. I was really leery about contractors finishing their work on time. True to his words, the cellar was delivered and finished the day before Valentine’s. I feel very privileged to have Doc Watters share his artistic talent with 1515 Restaurant. I believe that besides having one of the best looking and best working cellars in the Rocky Mountain region, it is also very functional.
When I am ready to build my next cellar, Doc will be the person. Doc personally made sure that I was totally satisfied.
The cellar is working perfectly. The service after the installation was great! Yes, I would highly recommend Doc Watters.

Gene Tang
1515 Restaurant
1515 Market Street
Denver, CO 80202

Hi Doc,

Having been a developer of several custom and celebrity homes, I've contracted with various wine cellar manufacturers over the years but my search for the "best" is now over. In short, your original design concept, quality of materials, workmanship and installation provides for an incredibly beautiful, yet fully functional cellar, that is unique amongst the industry. How you are able to accomplish the above at a price that is fully competitive with the industry earns you the title of "Doc."

I expect that we will be doing business together for many years to come.
Thank you for a masterful job.
Scott Adler

Hi Doc,

As a custom home builder, I am always on the lookout for the most innovative designs. Thumbing through a well known design publication, I first came across an advertisement for a Doc Watters wine cellar. I have seen many cellars, but Doc’s work stood out for its distinctive organic form, unique layout, and dramatic lighting. A picture is worth a thousand words, but seeing Doc’s work is worth a thousand pictures.

On the day of the install, I anxiously watched as each piece of the wine cellar was carefully laid out. I took note of the high quality and meticulous detailing. When I came back the next day to see the finished product, I was floored simply looking through the glass doors of my cellar. Everything from the centerpiece radial arm display to the glowing electric blue stem holders provided a high visual impact. Entering the cellar, I noticed how elegantly the room flowed while accent lights provided a path leading me further into my wine heaven. The contrast between the different wood species provided visual interest while being tasteful. The curvature of the rack system made it unmistakably a Doc Watters’ creation. Doc’s unique background in architecture and design combined with his passion for wine resulted in a wine cellar design unmatched by any that I’ve encountered. The more time I spent talking with Doc, the more engaged and enthusiastic I was.

When you have Doc Watters create your custom wine cellar, you can be sure that your cellar will be the topic of conversation and a focal point. I have not seen any competitor that approaches a Doc Watters’ wine cellar in terms of quality and value.

I am certain that Doc will exceed your expectation as he has exceeded mine…cheers!

Tom Dang